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Gary J. Raser

June 28, 2010

There are few names in the direct sales industry that carry the same weight as Gary J. Raser. Nearly twenty years ago, Gary started his illustrious career as a distributor, working for a direct sales company. With Gary’s exceptional skills and business prowess, the company soon broke its sales records, garnering an impressive 500,000 distributors. After that, Gary held several high level corporate jobs, including tenures as Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at other companies in the direct sales industry.

During his corporate rise, Gary J. Raser also established himself as a renowned speaker, often providing high grade motivational talks and training sessions. In this role, Gary inspired thousands, helping others reach their full potential. Additionally, Gary is often credited as developing key direct sales standards that are still revered today. Through this success, Gary has earned the highest praise in the industry, being featured in multiple publications such as the Wall Street Reporter and Your Business at Home.

However, even with these impressive achievements, Gary J. Raser is probably best known for his work with Limu the company. After years of business leadership and innovation, Gary took his skills and invested them into a truly entrepreneurial venture, which is how The Limu Company came to be what it is today. Not only did Gary correctly assess the need for TLC, but he was able to successfully market the company around the world, creating a prosperous global company.

Gary J. Raser’s commitment to TLC extends beyond simple marketing and sales projections. Gary’s dedication also includes the people and overall integrity of the company. In fact, The Limu Company is renowned as being debt free, thanks largely to Gary’s hands-on leadership. Gary is involved with every aspect of the company, including sales, marketing, finance, and more.

Unlike some business people, Gary Raser recognizes that life is not only about business, but people too. To that end, Gary remains steadfast in his dedication to his wife of twenty-seven years, Helen, who has also worked in the industry. The couple has two children, John, a professional golfer, and Teri, a full-time college student. Together, the family has retained integrity in all parts of life, staying active in their church and community.


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