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Gary Raser Thankful As The Limu Company Receives Award

June 27, 2011

The LIMU Company received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Halifax Urban Ministries during the celebration of the ministries’ 30th anniversary. The LIMU Company has supported the Urban Ministries’ efforts to help the homeless and prevent homelessness in Daytona Beach.

The founder of the LIMU Company, Gary Raser, felt compelled to work with the company as a result of his own struggled in Daytona Beach and his personal experience of poverty in the area. Gary Raser and the company were thanked for believing in the Halifax Urban Ministries and their part in supporting the organization’s efforts.

The organization felt the need to create an award as a token of respect and gratitude for the help provided over 30 years.

The LIMU Company has worked with the organization for several years. It often provided needed funding to the non-profit organization and went the extra mile with the LIMU food drive and direct marketing assistance program. The food drive and marketing assistance has provided further support than money alone could manage, showing the LIMU Company’s dedication to improving the lives of those who need help. The company plans to help Halifax Urban Ministries’ in 2011 with marketing improvements to help move the organization further.

When awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Award, the LIMU Company accepted on behalf of the staff at the Blue Diamond Gala as well as all the LIMU members throughout the United States. The company Vice President of Community Relations, Justo Nunez, noted that the company plans to continue working with Halifax Urban Ministries in the future.

The LIMU Company provides funding to multiple charitable organizations through its LIMU Gives program and notes that the money is made available through LIMU members who sell products for the company. Gary Raser noted that without the members, the company could not give back so he thanked all of the members who make it possible to provide funding to various organizations in the community.

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