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Earn Money With The Limu Company Prosperity Plan

February 28, 2012

The Limu Company offers opportunities for members to develop a business through their Prosperity Plan. Founded by Gary Raser, the Limu Company’s products provide people an innovative way to improve their health.

Members can sell directly to customers and earn commissions based on those sales. However, members can also sponsor new members and profit from those members’ sales and the members their new members sponsor.

For sales to customers, Experience Kit Commissions and Three for Free Product give a member excellent ways to earn. Experience Kit Commissions are paid weekly and based on sales of Experience Kits which feature LIMU Original, a landmark product developed by Gary Raser. The Three for Free Product allows members to earn free products based on sales. When three customers place orders for Experience Kits, the following month the sponsoring member will qualify for a free Experience Kit. The free kit will be equal or equivalent to the lesser valued of the three kits purchased. In order to qualify, a member must be enrolled in AutoShip.

The Limu Company rewards members who sponsor new members through a variety of programs. Fast Track Bonuses and First Order Bonuses allow a member to benefit from the new members they sponsor. Fast Track Bonuses are given for the sales of Fast Track Packs. A Fast Track Pack is the best way to maximize a member’s earning experience. First Order Bonuses allow a member to profit from the first order of their sponsored members and the members these new members sponsor up to six levels down.

There are also Level Bonuses starting with the second order and if a member reaches a rank of 2K in their first calendar month, a one-time bonus of $200 is awarded.

Once a rank of 20K is reached, a member qualifies for a monthly bonus of $600 which is put toward either the purchase or lease of a new BMW. The Ultimate Auto Bonus is a way for The Limu Company to reward those who help make it a success.

Once the rank of 100K is reached and maintained, a member is entitled to ever increasing bonuses as rank is improved. These include one-time bonuses starting at $10,000, percentages of organizational volume and an opportunity to earn ownership in the company.

The Limu Company’s Prosperity Plan is an excellent way to capitalize on the success of Gary Raser’s dream. Through a variety of earning opportunities, members are given a chance to make their dreams a reality.


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